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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  May 20, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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to the family. the source says on thursday morning, savvas savopoulos called his office and had an assistant bring $40,000 in cash to his home on woodland drive. savopoulos, this money drop is said to have happened thursday morning. hours after the family was taken captive. it was thursday afternoon that savvas savopoulos his wife his 10-year-old son and the family housekeeper were found murdered inside the house. >> all units operating with the battalions use caution. this is a crime scene. >> reporter: a fire started there in an apparent effort to cover up the crime and destroy evidence. on that same day, a car stolen from the family found torched in
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prince george's county. a security camera caught a potential suspect leaving the scene. sources say investigators believe it is likely more than one suspect is involved in this horrific murder case. sources say investigators believe the home may have been targeted by someone familiar with the lifestyle of the savopoulos family. now yesterday, investigators showed pictures of the safety vest to people near the vest where that car was dumped. sources say mr. savopoulos kept safety vests at his home so co-visit construction sites. let me clear up some things here. sources tell news4, investigators don't believe this is gang-related. and even though the suspects are violent and vicious killers, sources say investigators don't consider them skilled criminals. and that they made mistakes that
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could lead to cops right to their front door. coming up more about the death scene here. back to you. >> pat collins. the pilot who handle that had gyro copter outside the capitol will face felony charges. douglas hughes on six counts today. he handed his strange flying machine on the west lawn of the comment protesting campaign policies. he is now facing nine and a half years in prison. new reaction to accusations against a little league umpire. the 67-year-old grandfather is charged with distributing child pornography. northern virginia reporter david couple versus now in the ft. hunt area of fairfax county. >> for the league they're doing best that they can. >> reporter: maureen. >> one of the friendliest little league communities there is.
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>> reporter: word of the arrest spread quickly. >> it is shocking in this community, yes. very shocking. >> reporter: the man accused 67-year-old don essex. his facebook picture shows him in an umpire uniform, a role he held for many years. he was our chief umpire until i think three years ago. and then he sort of semiretired. he still umpires and he umpired one of two games with us. >> reporter: his name now on federal court documents. accused of sending images of child pornography to someone else. it turned out to be an undercover cop. he said he had a 9-year-old daughter. the documents claim he agreed to meet up to have sex with the girl but then later backed out. >> i couldn't finish reading them. >> reporter: he is president of the little league. the details, he can barely process. >> the deviant behavior. i've never seen anything like it. >> reporter: he says they've relied on criminal background checks for all their volunteers.
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essex had one just this year. >> his came back clean march 9th. she hopes the actions are isolated. >> this is one. this is not the hundreds of volunteers that make the league work. >> reporter: the district of child pornography, just one part of what is a very disturbing case. through court documents, we've learned of allegations involving the suspect's own grand children. that part of story when we see you at 6:00. news4. a 17-year-old is now facing a felony charge in a shooting that left a teenager injured. that shooting happened yesterday evening in a home in fairfax. two teens were visiting another when they got into a fight. at one point one of them fired a gun. the injured taken is expected to be okay. a worr burned on the job pouring concrete in the driveway today. he was in a cement truck.
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this happened on park avenue near dolly madison boulevard in mclean. emergency crews rushed into the washington burn center. he is expected to be all right. dominion virginia power tells us no homes in the area lost power. the son of the late marion barry is questioning his future political plans after dealing with two problems in court today. christopher barry pleaded guilty to charges stepping from a violent outburst at a bank. the judge sentenced him to 12 months of probation. it happened while he was already on probation. the judge is letting him stay out of jail but he has to return to court next month. >> i want to apologize. even though i felt as though i was wrong, i pled guilty. >> he now says he's not sure if he'll run again. >> right now there are renewed
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call for the closing of the district's largest homeless shelter. >> tell us what d.c. leaders are doing to keep families from harm. >> more than 400 children and their families live inside the d.c. general shelter. one common area where those families share their meal has been sealed off. they found lead paint chips. today mayor, d.c. councilmembers and are vowing to take action. ? it is an old facility that isn't suitable to live in. >> reporter: members of the council have called for a thorough investigation to see if any more room contaminated with lead paint. mayor bowser said that's already underway. >> how the children were expose
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asked see if they were exposed there. close off any areas that might be unsafe. we know what to do with lead. >> reporter: after two young children tested positive for elevated lead levels the dampl environment began testing areas of the shelter and found lead paint in one cafeteria. that area has now been sealed off. lead poisoning can cause serious mental and physical problems for young children including low i.q.s. >> once again, i think it shows the urgency of closing d.c. general. we need a more modern safe facility that doesn't put families especially children at risk. >> reporter: the district attorney general said his office is concerned about the findings of heed paint in the shelter. we need to study it to see whether any laws were broken. and whether there is any place for to us investigate and otherwise act.
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>> reporter: important to know the health department has not determined where the two children actually contracted the lead poisoning. as for the families here they've been offered free lead testing and the testing of the building will continue. thank you. police in laurel have just identified the driver swem away in flood water yesterday. his name was rene. someone saw the truck he was in being swept into the little patuxent river early tuesday. they found the empty truck just before 11:00 at night. that was tuesday night. firefighters paramedics and swift water divers spent hours searching for him before calling off their search. they found the body today. montgomery county's board of education solved a major problem. the leading candidate for summit turned them down and the interim leader was planning to retire in a few weeks. chris gorn is live with the solution the board came up with.
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>> reporter: he's worked with them 37 years. but when the nationwide search for his replacement failed the board of education asked him for a big favor. to put off his retirement and to serve for another year. larry bowers arrived for this special school board meeting. the room was backed school employees who watched as the board voted a resolution extending bowers as interim school superintendent for one year. >> it's unanimous. congratulations. >> reporter: he had planned to retire this june 30 think. the board announce that had they had selected the doctor as their preferred candidate for school summit but on sunday they were surprised when houlihan with drew.
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>> we spent hours interviewing. we had applicants from 17 states. we outreached to numerous sitting endents. >> he lost the support of the board and resigned. at that time bowers agreed to serve until june 30th. but now has greed extent his services for another year. >> i think most parents would be relieved to see that there is the time being taken to continue the search for the best possible candidate. >> coming up we'll hear from school summit larry bowers about the challenges he faces in the year ahead and his goals. a message to parents, students and teachers. back to you. >> thank you. alert officers took down a man wanted for sexually assaulting a 12-year-old today. prince george's police tell us the officers spotted.
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isiah bogan in the area where he lives. he is accused of attacking a girl last week on that same street. >> we're still working several developing stories. >> we have new information. >> airbags and nearly 34 million vehicles ruled defective. next i will show you three things you need to know about in order, before you get back in the car and back on the road. doug? >> i'm talking about major changes coming in over the next 12 hours. get ready. you'll need a couple things. the umbrellas and the jackets. you don't need them today though. just look at adam tuss. >> how good are you at parallel park? some drivers need to brush up.
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they're supposed to protect you in a crash. now 34 millionaire bags are part of a safety recall. >> this is largest recall the auto industry has ever seen. here are three things we can could to stay safe. >> reporter: you've heard of cars like this one. part of the 34 million takata
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airbag recall. you've heard dealerships don't have the parts to fix the problem. now what are we supposed to do? we went out to find those answers. >> reporter: clarnls is with the central for auto safety. a nonprofit that advocates on behalf of consumers. while the 34 millionaire bags could be potentially dangerous to drivers, he said their three things to keep in mind. number one do not disarm the airbags. >> for everyone hundred crash that's save a life only one out of maybe, maybe only one out of 100 will have the airbag explode like shrapnel. so that the 99 times that airbag is going to save your life if you disconnect it it is not there. >> reporter: next change up the way people ride in your car. >> the passenger should sit in the rear seat. >> reporter: as for drivers like victoria -- >> it is concerning for me. i'm short. i sit closer to the steering wheel. >> reporter: he said people should move their seat back as far as possible while still
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being able to reach the pedals. and lastly he says ask the dealer to give you a loner or a rental car. >> be the squeaky wheel. >> reporter: keep in mine states with high humidity will likely receive parts for repair sooner than others. to verify blow whether or not the airbag is in your vehicle, look at the vin. go to nbc search takata. there will be a link. you click on that. you input your vin. that should be able to populate whether or not the airbag in your car is part of the recall. if you say i've checked. my car is not on there. check again in a week. check again in a month. that system will be updated on a consistent basis. just because it is not there today doesn't mean it won't be there tomorrow. back to you. >> thank you. now to what we're learning from the newly declassified documents, taken from osama bin laden's hideout. they come from what u.s. officials describe as a treasure
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trove of material taken by s.e.a.l. team 6 after bin laden's death four years ago. his book collection suggests he was could not his own research on u.s. capabilities and may have wanted to be more about president obama's next move. a second marine has died after a high rid air crash in hawaii. this involved an osprey which can fly like a helicopter or a fixed wing may not. it went down here this past sunday at a base just outside honolulu killing a 24-year-old marine from washington state. two other marines remain in the hospital as a result of that crash. and people in parts of texas are going through what's left after tornadoes touched down, causing extensive damage. this is view from above of runaway bay. houses and mobile homes destroyed 31 reports of tornadoes in the north texas and
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oklahoma area. at this point there are no reports of any serious injuries. north texas is dealing with floods. some families had to evacuate as several home were shut down because of the rising water. everyone made it out safely but some had flooding damage. and some areas are expecting up to a half foot of rainfall. and take a look at the oil spill off the coast of santa barbara now covers nine miles. and the race is on to clean up 21,000 gallons of oil. it couldn't come at a worse time as beach campers arrive for the memorial day weekend. a four-mile coastline is now covered with goo which is sticking to sand and rocks. a wildlife expert group is there to clean up the birds covered with oil. ironically this is the same place where the largest oil spill in u.s. waters happened decades ago. it help spur the environmental movement. >> any oil spill is a big deal.
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especially in santa barbara. after the 1969 oil spill, people really began to take notice of these things. >> houston based plains all american tones pipeline. they are making every effort to limit the environmental impact. the safety campaign is up and running although it is not clear when the street cars will be running for riders. the street car team will hand out safety pro sures to drivers. the goal is to enquag people who work and live through the h street corridor. >> people have to really understand rather than let something happen before they understand it. it's a good thing pair passing out brochures to educate people.
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>> it is still in the testing phase. d-dot said they will be able to hop on board. parallel parking. you're really good at it or just plain awful. it had been a staple of diving tests for years but that's all changing in maryland. >> reporter: i don't want to embarrass you but we found your car on the road here. you can use a brush-up. you have to squeeze in it there. it is a skill, an art. you need to learn to do it. for a lot of people it doesn't come easy. in maryland you won't be required to know how to parallel park to get your license. >> are you good at it? >> i've attempted a couple cars. >> can you do it with ease? >> really difficult. it took me a while to learn to do it. >> does it confuse you. >> you're not a good parker. >> why not? >> because i don't know. the angles. >> there you have it.
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straight from the drivers on bethesda road. good luck parking your car here. and future drivers won't even be required to pass a parallel parking test when they go to get their license that they said you can do a 2-point turn well enough. that's not suiting a lot of people. >> parallel parking should not be taken out. >> he is the head of the i drive parking school. >> it measures space management control the vehicle at low speed. >> now test time. i personally consider myself one heck of a parallel parker. but i learned there are some things could i brush up on. >> leave a little room in the front and the back. see how far you are away? we tell to you get closer. >> reporter: yep. two far away. >> nice recovery. >> yes! >> the only thing is you forgot your parking brake. >> reporter: how about best two out of three? to be fair, we should say that
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the parallel parking portion of the road test is not required in d.c. or virginia either. needless to say, guys, this story has sparked a lot of response on social media. we'll show you some of that coming up at 6:00. i'll move your car for you. >> you failed to point out, i did not hit any other cars or any pedestrians so give me a little credit. >> and you know we can always walk to the curb after you park. >> he's gone. >> there we go. that's how to get rid of a reporter. you're headed for the coast this memorial day weekend and the news4 i-team will check out the water. which local beach has had an unsafe reading for years? >> i don't know which one it is. definitely unsafe. we'll be
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so we go from 92 yesterday.
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today we're at 73. that's a huge cool off. then tomorrow we're only in the 50s. take a look at the number. 73 degrees. winds out of the northwest. we're seeing the dew points way into the 40s. very comfortable. spring-like weather across our area under plenty of sunshine. what we'll be seeing as we see the next couple days. 70s to the south. tomorrow everybody is in the 50s. tonight the nationals taking on the yankees after last night's walk-off home run. hit the foul pole. take a look at the numbers. 69 degrees at 7:05. 65 by the seventh inning. 62 by last out. it will be chilly if you're going out, you may need the jacket. mabel the blanket as you head toward the game. no rain on the radar. storm team 4 radar is clear. you don't to have look too far back to the west. st. louis. there is our next storm system moving our way. and we'll develop a little area of low pressure and it will move up the coast.
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as it does. it will take on some characteristics like a nor'easter making its way up. no problems. we're on the clear side. tomorrow morning, 8:00 a.m. most of us on the dry side. here come the rain. by 9:00, 10:00, look at the rain coming in. we're talking about steady rain. maybe even some areas of heavy rain. mostly from d.c. to the south. most of virginia and southern maryland. everybody gets it. even toward the northern tier of the area. by 6:00 we're still seeing the rain. we mentioned the nor'easter because we have north easterly winds. it will keep the temperatures really, really cool. take a long at the number. first of all, the rainfall. up to an inch to the south. about a tenth to a quarter inch toward the north. high temperature, only 57 in gaithersburg. 62 in annapolis. a very, very cool and a very, very wet day tomorrow.
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76 degrees on your friday. 74 on saturday. and then 82 on sunday. and i tweeted this a minute ago. we're forecasting the coolest day in nearly a month and then we're forecasting the first heat wave of the season monday tuesday, wednesday. the temperature all at or above 90 degrees. tomorrow you'll need jackets. next week you can put them away. >> thank you. we're still working a mysterious murder case that has gaend national attention. >> four people the murdered in washington, d.c. clint van zandt's thoughts. i'm with the i-team. you can't see it or smell it but
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within the last hours, investigators took several boxes from the d.c. mansion where four people were murdered. >> this evening we are learning new dweets the moments that led up to that discovery. sources are telling news4, there was a $40,000 cash delivery to the victims' home last thursday. we were told from law enforcement sources that investigators do not believe this crime was gang-related. but they say while violent, these killers did make some
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mistakes. >> so who would commit a crime like this and why? >> we spoke with a former profiler clint van zandt. he offered some insight about who police may have been looking for and what might have happen in that house. >> this doesn't seem to be a crime that just happened. this seems to be a planned staged crime. in essence, i think the authorities will find out that it is somebody who knew the family, who knew the people who worked in and out of that house. probably two or more people involved. that reason is that there were three or more people in the house. would it take two people initially to control four different people. they took control, i believe mark the very brutal terrible way. and found once they have them under control, once they had doors being locked they were able to keep anybody else out and continue to enforce their demands. if in fact they were trying to get money out of the adult male,
5:33 pm
the husband, the father, there's no more terrible way to try to extract that than to say you're going to or actually torture members of your family. whatever they did was almost subhuman. this is a highly solvable crime but it is going to take the help of the public. the offenders would likely talk about this say something about this. the authorities are going to be able to put two and two together. but it will need the public's help to solve this crime. these individuals, i believe, who are involved in this are fully capable of committing another similar act if we don't get them in custody. >> coming up on news4 at 6:00 clint talks about the way he prepared his family to handle a potential home invasion. we're following every development on this story. so make sure you have our nbc washington app so you can receive breaking notifications
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in this case. is prince george's county's only domestic violence shelter falling short? it is being accused of misusing funds and not helping the women and children who desperately need their services. bureau chief tracee will kinls joins us with more. >> as you know domestic violence is a major concern for prince george's county. we have seen these issues escalate into homicides. for women who are lucky enough to escape before it goes that far. they're looking for help. now we're learning the help they need is not working. today, we heard the stories of two women who are living in temporary shelter in prince george's county. that shelter helps women and children who are victims of domestic violence. the women describe deplorable conditions. some of which have been documented. not only through their pictures but more than 25 serious fire code violations. the family crisis center is
5:35 pm
supposed to serve as a secure transitional security. the women say they do not feel secure protected or like they are receiving the services necessary to help them and their families move forward. the head of another nonprofit is working to help these women. >> i felt hopeful to begin with. and then as the time went on i was starting to feel hopeless. >> there is no therapeutic activities for the children to get involved in. or they take them anywhere to let them see anything else. all they see is what is there. >> what they're dealing with is not normal. and what they have to do is muster their determination to stand for what's right. to fight. >> coming up on news4 at 6:00 we hear more from these women. the chaplain who has vowed to help them. and the county response to all of this. there is a significant amount of money to the shelter to help it function. tracee wilkins in the newsroom.
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which local beach had unsafe bacteria readings? the district making changes to the way it controls city sewage. why it involves a secret garden. and hotdogs and hot heads. why customers are fighting mad because of a man selling narrator: puerto rico's healthcare system is on life support, putting three and a half million
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this week's wems's child is a 17-year-old who has a plan for his life but he would like that plan to include parents. he is a wonderful young man who has overcome some of the deficits of growing up without a family. in alexandria's beautiful new police headquarters several officers were waiting to meet him. his dream is to be a police officer someday. >> nice to meet you. >> every time i visit he tells me how much he would like to be in law enforcement. >> his adoption social worker says becoming a police officer has been his dream as long as she's known him. she calls him g for short. >> g has a very strong sense of justice and wanting to see that justice is done. this is where we keep our computer system. >> and he like the amazing features in the police cruiser officer bowman gave him a tour of. >> he is enthusiastic about
5:40 pm
everything. dill gentle in his school work. >> they showed off the amazing things he does to fight crime. >> he likes what adoption would mean for him. >> to find a family who will love and respect you and stuff like that. to go live with someone permanently. to become their legal son. >> alexandria's police chief earl cook invited us to stop by his office. >> have a seat. so you'll be chief of police one day. perhaps in the city of alexandria. >> he liked the sound of that. something to put on his wish list. along with having that family to be proud of all of his future accomplishments. >> if you have room in your home and your heart for him or another child waiting, please call our special adoption
5:41 pm
hotline. 1-88-to-document-me. . . -- 1234678 planning a weekend getaway? straight ahead, we'll show you which local beach has had unsafe water readings for years. if you are headed to the beach, i'll have that all important memorial day weekend forecast. right now, looking good. tomorrow this picture will be a lot different. and one new york city hotdog vendor's prices give new meaning to the word outrageous. i asked for a hot
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we are just getting word of yet another data breach. this time we're being told that it affects more than 1 million people in our region. blue cross, blue shield care first announced today that it is the latest victim of a cyber attack. what exactly was breached? the company says current and
5:45 pm
former customers' names, dates of birth, e-mail addresses and care first user ids. care first said hackers did not retrieve social security numbers, medical information or care first passwords for online accounts. care first is offering free credit monitoring to those affected if you're at risk you can expect to receive a letter within the coming weeks. at the live desk. i'm erika gonzalez. the iconic blue angels were overhead in maryland dedicating the flight to one of the amtrak crash victims. that show is part of naval academy's graduation. it dedicated its flight to justin zemser who was killed in last week's derailment. it also includes a first female pilot on the blue angels team. she is both a native and a graduate of the naval academy. we are headed straight into
5:46 pm
memorial weekend and we know there's a good chance you're already packing the car. >> we know it because we are too. before you do check out what the i-team found when they took a good hard look at what is in the water at your favorite beach. >> reporter: steve says people often give him a funny look when they see him in his waders carrying this. he made it out of auto parts. >> i just dip it in. >> reporter: when he tell them he says people are fascinated by what he does. >> there's a lot of citizens that are concerned. >> reporter: valentine is just one of dozens of scientists who will be collecting water samples at your local beach this summer looking for a time of bacteria. the bacteria they test for in the water won't necessarily make you sick but it is a good measure in salt water of other things that could. >> it is indicating that there are other pathogens, bacteria or
5:47 pm
vishss in the water. >> reporter: he runs the federally funded beach program which samples the water once a week bat 46 different beaches throughout the state. >> kit come from humans us meaning our sewage that is on handle when we're swimming. >> reporter: if the numbers get too high, the local health department there's post the advisory signs on the beach telling to you stay out of the water. >> ultimately the people that like to go swimmingering with want to let them know if it is safe or not. >> reporter: to get you ready for summer we created this map of all the beaches. whether in the bay or the coast you can look up your favorite beach and see how many times it has exceeded safe levels in the last five years. we found virginia beaches average about 39 advisories a year. last year was a tough year with more than 70 swimming advisories posted because of heavy rains. according to him. >> when there is a heavy rain
5:48 pm
we advise, don't go swimming about three days. that's about how long it takes for the water to clear up. warrior refound fairview beach has had the highest ratings in the state for three out of the last four years. more than 200 time the safe level on individual days in june and july. >> we want to know why. >> reporter: terry lives in this house right above one of the sampling sites. and says it may look quiet today. but hundreds of swimmers descend on this private beach in the summer for aqua palooza and other events. he says when there is an advisory posted you can never see or smell the problem. but just this year the epa informed virginia it will no longer fund testing because it is too far up the potomac river to be considered a coastal beach. >> this is potomac river. a quiet harbor is right around the bend there. this is potomac creek, belvedere
5:49 pm
beach here. the way this is sort of an anomaly. it is sort of a horse shoofl. >> reporter: valentine said run-off gets trapped here and might account for the high readings. but where the pollution is coming from is still a mystery. >> we're just hanging out here or maybe five people walk their dogs and didn't clean up after them. that can contaminate the water as much as a sewage overflow or run-off from handle. >> reporter: which is why he says the state has decided even if the federal government won't pay anymore, they will. they want to know why it is happening and when it is safe to swim so your day at the beach doesn't end up sending you to the doctor. fairview beach is an inland beach. similar to what you would find on a river or the bay. what about those big ocean beaches on the coast? at 6:00 we head to ocean city to show you how the water is out
5:50 pm
there. news4 i-team. >> thank you. and we have just posted a very cool map to our nbc washington app tonight. it shows you exactly what the latest readings are. go to the app to check it out. and you can get a jump start on your beach reading. we have a big rainy day coming tomorrow. >> we need rain. some areas picked up one to two inches the other day. others south of d.c. didn't pick up much at all. tomorrow everybody gets in on the action. right now the evening planner looking very nice. temperature of 73 degrees. temperatures of coming in at 70 degrees. rather nice at 7. then we start to really cool as temperatures drop into the 60s. we'll be at 62 degrees. cool temperature for sure. 64 degrees in gaithersburg. 73 right now. 68 in reston and 70 in kansas springs. a lot cooler than we were during day yesterday. yesterday hit 90 degrees.
5:51 pm
storm team 4 radar is dry. it will not today that way at all. everybody sees the rain tomorrow. periods of rain. heavy at times. it will be quite cool tomorrow. high temperatures only 55 to 60 degrees. many areas not even making it to 60. i have most of us in the up he were 60s. that will be a cool and dreary day. but only one. 76 on friday, 82 on sunday. a lot of pools opening up. it looks great. especially sunday and monday. monday a high temperature of 90. and look at this. monday tuesday and wednesday. we're predicting the first heat wave of the season. the the coolest day we've seen in almost a month. if you are heading down this isn't too bad either. saturday it will be cool but still nice with some sunshine. take jackets. 66 degrees right along the boardwalks towaran city. 76 looking good on sunday. 84 degrees on monday. memorial day looking great. down there toward the beaches.
5:52 pm
i will be heading toward ocean city. earlier we're heading toward rehoboth. we'll be down there on friday for our first backyard weather guys. backyard weather is all set up. you're ready. >> we ready. >> yes, we are. tis the season. and we have something wonderful during at the kennedy center this weekend. d.c. native andrew carroll wrote a play that features the letters written by twh people in combat. they fought in conflicts dating back to the revolutionary war and continuing through today in afghanistan and iraq. .with carroll about how he got interested. >> our house burned to the ground while i was a sophomore in college. everything he had was gone and it was losing the letters and the photos all that memorabilia that was so irreplaceable. >> so the play is called, if all the sky were paper.
5:53 pm
it is at the kennedy center tomorrow thursday and friday of this week. you can watch that full interview which includes some of the more heart felt letters and some very old letters that have great stories attached to them. you can find them on nbc well, a hotdog vendor in new york city is getting a lot of attention for price gouging. >> yeah. depending on how you act you could wind up paying much more than a couple bucks. >> i asked for a hotdog and a dr. pepper. $30. >> our new york sister station watched as he charged customers between $3 and $30. the vendor appeared and charged more for people who seemed like tourists. when our station confronted him -- >> how much is a hotdog? >> $3. >> $3? we've seen you charging people a lot more than $3 for a hotdog. >> me? >> yeah you.
5:54 pm
>> we have people telling us you charged them $30. >> i don't know. a little bit speak english. >> but he knows how to say $30. >> he left the zero off. new york's department of consumer affairs says the prices should be posted saying they plan to look into his pricing methods. >> reporter: i'm tom sherwood in northwest washington standing on top of a secret garden that you can't come to. it is all part of a multi-billion dollar effort to improve the water you use and drink in the city. i'll have the story coming up. >> reporter: coming up, the news4 i-team goes under cover showing why you this little no parking zone at the headquarters of the fax is causing so mu
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thousands of people who drive through northwest washington recognize the water tower. only a few people have access to the carefully guarded reservoir there. >> today district revised plans to control the city sewage and storm water run-off. in the process gave news4's tom sherwood a glimpse into a seldom seen secret garden. >> reporter: northwest tenley town is the tower is a common sight. few people see this. a secret acre of garden flowers.
5:58 pm
it covers a reservoir. it is not open to the public. >> drinking water supplies are so secure. we want the people of the city to know their drinking water supplies are very carefully protected. >> reporter: today dozens of local officials came to the highest point in the district announcing several revisions to a decade old epa order for d.c. to stop polluting the rivers. d.c. is spending several billions to contain storm water and raw sewage. with lots of progress the epa has given the city another five years. >> we have the obligation to future washingtonians. make sure we're doing it. make sure we're doing it as fast as possible. >> the revised project will rule in 300 new jobs and convert hundreds of achers to natural habitats. that won strong praise. >> if we don't invest in both
5:59 pm
god's creation and into the water shed we will risk losing the most vital resources we have. our people and our rivers. >> reporter: in the district tom sherwood news4. >> now disturbing new clues as police try to piece together what happened inside a mansion that was the scene of a brutal quadruple murder. plus new details about where the victims were found. >> reporter: a local little league umpire in jail child porn charges. but now new questions surrounding allegations that involved his own grand kids. >> and we have new information about the driver whose car was found in rising floodwaters. but there was nobody at the wheel. we begin though with those details about that mansion murder mystery for the first time we're hearing about the assistant who got a strange
6:00 pm
request. >> pat collins has been following this story all week. what have you learned now? >> let's start first with the fire. sources tell news4, investigators believe that the fire that rimmed through the second floor of that mansion was set in the little boy's bedroom. right next to his bed. murdered inside this mansion, savvas savopoulos his wife their 10-year-old boy and the family's housekeeper. >> all units operating with the battalion 5. use caution. this is a crime seasonable. >> reporter: a fair then set to cover up the crime and destr evidence. tonight we learned more about the death scene. sources say the three adults were found in a second floor bedroom. they had been beepten, slash


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